We design books and apps aimed at children and their parents, hoping they share great moments togueter.

We would like to give opportunities for families to enjoy the use of new technologies while the little ones learn different educational values ​​and concepts


Monito Monkey is a project of a family of creative entrepreneurs, specialists in the world of children who love books and the use of new technologies.

We pursue a dream to create educational and fun books for children with high quality graphics that allow them and their families to have great moments.

Besides, we just became parents! So we are even more determined to develop good products for children.

Monkey Monkey is not just a linguistic nod to the origin of its creators (Spain and USA), but also the purpose of the publisher to offer their stories in multilingual versions, both written and the voice of the narrator.

Being aware of the social reality and the opportunities that ebooks for children offer, we hope our effort helps children around the world engage in reading.